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This description of what we do will not be good enough.

It can't hope to truly capture the inner turmoil of constantly

feeling that you've never achieved what you are striving for.

That sentence didn't criticize the first sentence effectively enough,

either. It just wasn't good enough.And it’s not like we can dig up

Hemingway to come and write on our wall. As for what we do:

let’s clarify. We don't shoot film. That’s what you might end up with:

a piece of film or video. But it isn't what we do.

What we do is see differently.

A process influenced by everything else we do. What we consume

mentally. What we’ve been through physically, intellectually,

experientially, and spiritually. Anyone can point a camera and shoot.

But to see differently, you can never truly be happy with what you see.

Always looking for better ways. And knowing that even then, it will

never be good enough. That last sentence was terrible.